WE HAVE SAVED WHAT WE CAN: Poems of War and Refuge by Ann Day

2 thoughts on “WE SAVED WHAT WE CAN – Ann Day

  1. I just bought & read this book. Quickly. I hope to return to it soon. Lately I have been very interested in the German occupation of the Channel Islands so this all rang true, fell into place, besides being an inspiring & interesting read. I would like to meet her. Kati Hanna


    1. Hi Kattie

      I’m glad you liked Ann Days’ poems. Peter Fortunato and Jack Hopper, the other editors, did too. Ann is not in good health any longer, so sadly you won’t have a chance to meet her.

      The best book, or part of one, I read about the Channel Islands is Victor Hugo’s *Toilers of the Sea. *The first chapters have fascinating descriptions of peasant beliefs in witchcraft and sea-creatures; the rest of the book I didn’t like as much as his others, but then that’s rather an unfair competition.

      All the best to Tom, and I hope the hurricane has spared you in Florida.

      Edward (Hower)

      On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 4:45 PM, Cayuga Lake Books wrote:



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