About Us

This imprint was founded in 2012 by some authors from the Ithaca, New York area who were looking for an alternative to mainstream publishing.

The goal of CLB is to find and encourage talented, original writers who live in or have connections with the Finger Lakes region. As an umbrella group, the four principals consider submissions; we must all read and unanimously accept a work before we include it under our imprint. Once authors are on our list, we assist them with the process of editing, handling the complexities of copyright, ISBN, Library of Congress card numbers, bar codes, as well as seeing that the published work is available on Amazon.com.

The completed paperback books are published in a quick turnaround time after acceptance, and the printed results are attractive.

We also work with our authors to promote their books, helping them set up readings at local bookstores and libraries, putting them in touch with newspapers for reviews and radio stations for interviews, and publicizing their work on social media.

The Finger Lakes area is fertile with creative writers and we are proud to be in the forefront of helping them publish.

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