Edward Hower

edwardEdward Hower has published eleven books, including eight novels, two collections of stories, and, most recently, What Can You Do: Personal Essays and Travel Writings. His work has appeared in Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, Smithsonian, American Scholar, Southern Review, Epoch, Five Points, and elsewhere. He has been awarded fellowships from The National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council for the Arts, as well as two Fulbright Grants to India.




 SLICK - Edward Hower
SLICK – a novel by Edward Hower

Pete has been truly happy only once in his life-when, at 15, he worked on an eccentric family’s farm in upstate New York. The old man who struggled to keep it running became his surrogate father; the two girls who helped him grow up became the first loves he could never forget. Eleven years later, he’s on his way back upstate hoping to find a haven from a world of war, drugs, and crime. But the farm has become a place of mystery, and of all the people he thought he knew there, he is the one whose story he needs most passionately to discover.




WHAT CAN YOU DO: Personal Essays &Travel Writing – by Edward Hower
  • A witch-haunted temple in India
  • Carrying a spear in New York
  • City operas
  • Witnessing a revolution in Guatemala
  • Mediums, spiritual seekers, and frauds
  • Teaching at a maximum security prison
  • Love rides the rails

These are some of the subjects in this lively collection of personal essays and travel writing––eloquent inner quests and journeys of discovery to out-of-the-way destinations.




Praise for Edward Hower:

“Edward Hower, with a sure eye for detail and an accurate ear for human speech, is a writer of talent and substance.” —   William Kennedy

The New Life Hotel:  A beautifully rendered story. — The New York Times

Shadows and Elephants [is] a generous and witty novel.  — Joy Williams

Hower is a fine story-teller and a first-rate writer. — Robert Stone


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