Nancy Flynn

Nancy-FlynnNancy Flynn grew up close to the Susquehanna River in northeastern Pennsylvania. She has studied writing at Oberlin College and Cornell University, and at SUNY/Binghamton, she received her M.A. in English/Creative Writing in 1994.

She spent twenty years in Ithaca, New York, but decided to move to western Oregon in 1998 with her husband and her cats. In 2007, she and her family moved to Portland, Oregon, and she resides there to this day.

Every Door - cover

“Nancy Flynn is a lucent poet. Full-blown and originally elegant, her sonorous, intricate poems help us experience ‘what loss unveils’ and ‘that deep, anomalous clarity below a vortex.’ She tells the truth with compassion, great beauty, and abundant intelligence. By turns she will confront joy, regret, horror, nature, and human culture with the eye of both ethnographer and biologist. I love this sumptuous first collection.” -Kathleen Halme, 2014 winner of the New Issues Press Green Rose Prize for My Multiverse “More than a ‘jangle into the new,’ Every Door Recklessly Ajar is a ‘chart of the blooming’ in the work of this impressive rising poet. Nancy Flynn’s language is luscious, and she just as surely employs the techniques of hymn and ballad into free verse as she finds the perfect lyric pitch for her narrative poems. This rich collection has accomplished range and tremendous heart.” -Henry Hughes, 2004 Oregon Book Award winner for Men Holding Eggs “Nancy Flynn’s haunting introspection, brilliant investigative poems, and insightful cultural observations uncover the blood in the soil of the American landscape, until we begin to realize that ‘Everything / we’ve plied-liberty, happiness, life… [is] all tainted, so suspect.'” -Christopher Luna, Poet Laureate, Clark County, Washington “In Every Door Recklessly Ajar, Nancy Flynn creates a mood, taking you along the tightrope to walk right into profound melancholia. From there, she snaps you back into a room, a street, or an ongoing conversation with her virtuoso use of the English language. Not only will you uncover truths in her words, you will also feel the craft, care, and splendor she pours into poetry as a worthy profession.” -Toni Partington, Editor and Publisher, Printed Matter Vancouver


Ann Staley for the Oregon Poetry Association