Bhisham Bherwani

Bhisham Bherwani

Bhisham Bherwani is the author of The Second Night of the Spirit. He studied Fine Arts at New England College, and he also graduated from Cornell University and New York University. He’s received both fellowships and scholarships from The Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, The Frost Place, and New England College. He was born in India and now lives in New York City.

This collection shows the range of Bhisham Bherwani’s work, from poems of quick, epigrammatic sharpness, to dramatic monologues that bring to life moments in past cultures. There is a vision of both history’s atrocities and its splendors. The Circling Canopy connects the present with the pressures and gifts of the past, in poems about building, fertility, and confessions of struggle, sometimes failure. Enriched by an intimate sense of art and thought, Indian, classical, modern, Bherwani’s poems incorporate a sly humor, sometimes an edge of satire.

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