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Jack H 141(1) (1)John Hopper is a poet and editor. He founded and coedited Works: A Quarterly of Writing, has had three published collections of poetry, most recently Doubles: Poems 1995-2012 (Cayuga Lake Books), and was the chief editor for 40 years at the academic publishing house AMS Press till semi-retiring to Ithaca in 2005. He has worked with literary agents on fictional and nonfictional works, including Yiyun -Li’s first novel, Vagrants.



DOUBLES: POEMS 1995 - 2012  -  John Hopper
DOUBLES: POEMS 1995 – 2012 – by John Hopper

Jack Hopper was born in Philadelphia in 1934. He attended Central High School and Muhlenberg College, and spent his twenties avoiding obligations. He married Wendy Berzine in 1966, and began his long association with AMS Press in New York City as an editor. He founded the magazine Works: A Quarterly of Writing. His first collection of poetry, Miscellany, appeared in 1962; a second round, The Ympes of Wanton Youthe, came out in 1994. He is partially retired and lives in Ithaca, New York. 


from John Hopper’s website


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