Cayuga Lake Books welcomes all writers of quality poetry, prose, and work that may not fit traditional categories.

We consider previously unpublished writing and work that has been previously published in magazines, newspapers, and journals.

Submission Guidelines

  • Be advised that, though our editors are rigorous in selecting books that appear under our imprint, authors pay the cost of printing––usually between $500 and $900, depending upon the length of the book. The author gets 75 copies, and can order more at half the book’s list price.
  • Authors are welcome to help design the book’s layout, if they wish to, providing a cover illustration or drawings or black-and-white photos with the text. Our printer will be glad to work with authors, or will do all of the design work, himself. The Cayuga Lake Books editors will help authors prepare manuscripts and, once the book is published, assist with the publicity and distribution. We’ll be glad to answer queries about printing costs and procedures.


  • If you would like to submit a book of poetry, please first send 5-10 poems as an attachment to a cover letter about yourself. We’ll do our best to get back to you about them within a month.
  • Please send all poetry submissions, or inquiries about submitting poetry, to John Hopper ( and Peter Fortunato (


  • If you’d like to submit prose––fiction or non-fiction––please first send about 20 pages as an attachment to your letter. We’ll do our best to get back to you about them within a month.
  • Please send all prose submissions, or inquiries about submitting prose, to Edward Hower ( and Stacey Murphy (

Then, if we’re interested in considering the entire work, we’ll ask you to send it. Our turn-around time for considering books is generally 2-3 months.

Thank you for considering Cayuga Lake Books.

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