It’s no secret that the Finger Lakes region of New York State hosts an outstanding array of authors.

Here are 44 of them- ages 23 to 93- writing mostly about this area but also many parts of the earth that are less “centrally isolated”.

Some authors are already nationally famous, many are locally well-known, and many are soon-to-be-discovered. Take a look- you’ll probably see the names of people you know or have heard of !

The editors of Cayuga Lake Books hope you’ll enjoy the fascinating short stories, memoirs, essays, and reportage collected here- writing that entertains, stimulates, amuses, and impresses with its intelligence and expansive sensibility.



3 thoughts on “FROM THE FINGER LAKES: A Prose Anthology

  1. I encourage Cayuga Lake Books to keep this publishing opportunity for local artist’s ongoing for years to come…this gives us hope especially after sending out many query letters for potential booking agents and being dismayed by not being accept. I Thank You for the opportunity and encouragement just by believing and reaching out to the unknown “Artist”. Thank You


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