Poetry by Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris’ book length poem, Dwelling Space, is a precise exploration of the world. To enter this space with her is to linger with bees among flowers and stand with her among all things green. This is poetry that ponders diverse landscapes and listens to the languages of sea otters, wolf eels, and trigger fish; this is a voyage to the Brazilian rain forest, to the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain, to Greece, and a journey from Coastal Georgia north to the Allegheny Mountains.


“Dwelling Space is accessible and beautiful. Lisa Harris’ latest is highly recommended for casual readers and those deeply involved in the craft of writing. It is… the planet on the table to be explored, pondered, and deeply loved.”

-Michael Dittman, author and professor at Butler Community College, Butler, PA.

“The natural world in which we abide has an abundance of wondrous experiences for which words fail us. Mystics and poets, however, have a gift for helping us grasp that which is ineffable. The latter group includes Lisa Harris. Her book-length poem is profound in the manner in which she delves into the miraculous interconnectivity of the world – with others of our specie and with the environment of which we are a part. She shows us a world of complex networks that are infinitesimally miniscule and galactically huge and in which we find ourselves coping with such mystifying polarities as mountain peaks and ocean depths, chaos and order, scarcity and abundance, despair and hope.”

-Martin Sweeney, author and historian.

“Lisa Harris’s command of the English language enables her to render vivid imagery that evokes authentic emotional response. The poet leads readers along a path that has been traveled by Hildegard von Bingen and Rumi, Rilke, the American Transcendentalists and Walt Whitman, TS Eliot, and contemporary poets Gary Snyder, Ellen Bass, Marie Howe and Mary Oliver. The work’s lush, evocative prose serves as a bright beacon and antidote to the diminution of language in this age of newsfeed sound bites, Twitter-speak and social media slang.”

-Michael Gillian Maxwell, author of The Part Time Shaman Handbook: An Introduction For Beginners

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