Mary Gilliland on Her Essay, “Eco-Logic”

Mary Gilliland is an award-winning author and activist. She’s the author of two poetry collections: Gathering Fire and The Ruined Walled Castle Garden. Her award-winning The Devil’s Fools is forthcoming from Codhill Press. She has extensive teaching experience primarily at her alma mater, Cornell University, where she taught courses such as “Ecosystems & Ego Systems” for the Biology & SocietyContinue reading “Mary Gilliland on Her Essay, “Eco-Logic””

Barbara Regenspan

An interview with Barbara Regenspan in regards to her published book of poems, The Chessmaster’s Daughter. How does your Jewish heritage influence your writing? My specific Jewish heritage is situated in the understanding of both of my parents that “living a decent life” requires a belief that all human beings deserve adequate resources: food, housing,Continue reading “Barbara Regenspan”